Getting your hands dirty with Industrial Control Systems

In this webcast, world-renowned experts and SANS ICS course authors Tim Conway and Jeff Shearer discussed the need for hands on experience and focused training for cybersecurity practitioners working in critical infrastructure and process environments to identify threats and vulnerabilities and methods to secure ICS environments.

Jeff and Tim will discuss common elements and asset types that individuals working and supporting ICS environments will encounter and the diverse knowledge areas that professionals in this community need to pursue. Knowing that many individuals working in ICS have been tasked with providing cybersecurity support, recommending ICS architectures, or working to improve OT visibility and detection capabilities; the speakers will discuss the prioritization of learning objectives that are addressed in the ICS612 and ICS515 courseware and hands-on labs that are leveraged to expose students to PLC programming, HMI integration, industrial protocols, and remote I/O subsystems as fundamental skills necessary if you are going to truly understand the heart of ICS cybersecurity.

The webinar will also look at the use of capstone challenge events used in the 612 and 515 courses, where a student puts their knowledge to the test by analyzing attacks, restoring operations, and defending an ICS environment under attack. Join Tim and Jeff as they discuss real-world training for real-world challenges.

*This webcast is also available via Simultaneous Translation in Japanese, Korean, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian. You can register to view the recording in each language below:

Bahasa Indonesian - Menguasai Industrial Control Systems
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Korean - 산업 제어시스템(ICS) 직접 체험하기!

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Thai - การลงมือปฏิบัติจริงกับ Industrial Control Systems
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