Emerging Cyber Guidance to the Ukraine-Russia War

As the Ukraine-Russia war continues to escalate, countries, companies, and individuals have growing concerns about the global impact, what it means to them, and what they should be doing now and in the future. Important topics have emerged early on, and in this webcast, SANS cybersecurity experts will walk through each of these and provide the latest guidance on top questions:

  • Introductions and “Where is the Ukraine-Russian CyberWar?” led by Rob Lee - Did we get it wrong? Were the warnings premature? Does the threat still exist?
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence, led by Kevin Holvoet - What do we know about the various activity groups conducting operations in Ukraine and abroad?
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection, led by Tim Conway - What defender actions will help reduce the effect of an attack within Industrial Control System (ICS) environments?
  • Open Source Intelligence, led by Nico Dekens - How can we identify information that informs decision making? What are the characteristics of disinformation campaigns?
  • Cyber Defense and Threat Hunting, led by Mick Douglas - What are some actions to take now to better defend enterprise systems and identify adversary actions?

Equipped with this knowledge, attendees will better understand Russian capabilities, learn to limit the effectiveness of known disinformation and cyber-attack methodologies, and begin developing a customized threat hunting strategy for defeating Russian-sponsored attackers and supporters.

You are NOT alone. Knowledge is power and we will help arm you!