Establishing Street Cred: Fundamental Security Concepts (Hint: Its Not About Technology)

  • Monday, 15 Aug 2016 11:00AM EDT (15 Aug 2016 15:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Ted Demopoulos

To establish credibility as a Security Leader you do not need to be up on all the latest technology; in fact that is impossible. You do however need a solid understanding of fundamental security concepts.

This talk explains fundamental security concepts, which have been constant for millennia and whose understanding is critical for establishing credibility in Security Leadership.

Security is anything but new: humans have had security concerns since the dawn of time, and security fundamentals have not changed since then.

Security fundamentally has NOTHING to do with technology. Although we often focus on securing digital assets and hence technology based security controls, concepts such as authentication, defense in depth, least privilege, perimeter protection, and risk management are not based on technology. How we implement them can and often does change as technology advances.

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