DevSecOps: Winning Principles for Security in DevOps

The rise of CI/CD pipelines and DevOps owning their own infrastructure has vastly accelerated the pace of development, but it hasn't been an easy transition. 68% of companies state that their CEO demands security and that DevOps teams avoid anything that slows down the business. This means that many security teams struggle to enforce policies without creating friction and the promise of “shifting left” has proven much harder than expected.

Whether you’re an engineer experiencing the bottleneck of last minute security issues or an executive wanting to implement DevSecOps, this webinar can help you. Our cloud security experts offer practical advice for implementing a Shift Left strategy. They take a deeper dive into the "Shift Left" principle, why modern software development advocates it, and common places to find it happening.

Join us as we take on the unique security and compliance challenges inherent to cloud development - constant change, diverse environments, and sheer volume - with our cloud security experts by covering:

  • How to proactively address security issues during development instead of at production, like fixing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the pipeline before deployment.
  • When to build efficient, predictable workflows without fragmentation across security tools, to improve automation and prevent alert fatigue
  • How to implement best practices for building a culture of collaboration
  • Which tools can help implement DevSecOps