Decision Automation & AI Technology: Implementing the Next Generation of Detection & Response

As sophisticated cyberattacks proliferate, it is critical we employ the most advanced and adaptable AI technologies for defense. Enterprise IT infrastructure is more complex and distributed than ever, and the attack surface continues to grow. The amount of data being collected has increased exponentially, and there is no question we need Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help monitor, analyze, and respond to it all.

AI can now apply a form of “decision automation,” a responsive and progressive learning model that can learn from their human counterparts’ decisions to identify and respond to new threat patterns as they emerge. This advanced AI and automation model mirrors and enhances the cognitive and intuitive approach of expert security analysts, who can now encode their techniques and expertise into a program that can execute at machine speeds and machine scale.

With humans at the helm, security teams can deploy threat hunting bots to sift through terabytes of data to find anomalies and surface them for review. AI can build sophisticated playbooks in a few hours rather than the several weeks it typically takes a skilled analyst to do alone. As humans validate and enforce what is significant, these expert systems progressively and automatically improve detection and response with ever increasing efficacy and accuracy.

Automated threat detection and response that is powered by adaptable and progressive learning models can take the burden of busy, repetitive work off your most precious resource – your people. And with massive staffing shortages industry-wide, using your highly skilled security team to tackle your high-priority security issues rather than drowning them in noise and sending them down rabbit holes helps to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and improve your overall security posture.

Learn how to:

  • Employ AI to automate repetitive tasks and threat hunting by encoding skilled cybersecurity staff’s domain expertise and techniques into your systems.
  • Leverage AI itself to customize and build sophisticated playbooks at scale for your organization’s unique environment.
  • Adopt AI models that mirror the cognitive and intuitive approach of expert security analysts that can execute and scale at machine speed and augment your security team.