Building security into developer workflows to protect the software supply chain

Cloud-based application deployment and CI/CD processes that speed up delivery have created additional pressures on security teams. In fact, the race to build software faster often forces InfoSec, AppSec and Developers to end up in opposing camps with each side just paying lip service to shift-left notions. Developers understandably have resisted security initiatives that have slowed down their delivery fearing friction and loss of control to security on deployment.

Whether you are an InfoSec guru, an AppSec engineer or a developer, this webinar will be very relevant. You will learn about new techniques that uncover risks in code that start with the internal software supply chain. That’s about as left as you can shift. You will understand the value of uncovering risks at the source. These include hard to find secrets like forgotten passwords and API keys in code, access governance risks that will isolate attempts by unauthorized actors to gain access to code stores and code that has been leaked into public repositories.

Join experts from the SANS Institute in an open discussion with code security experts from BluBracket as they discuss new advances that allow security capabilities to be fully integrated into developer workflows while enhancing both efficiency and security for software supply chains.

Key takeaways:

  • ● Experience how next generation code security platforms are enabling the shift left movement while empowering developers to take an active role in security.
  • ● Discover new techniques that embed code security into every part of the developers workflow related to the CI/CD pipeline
  • ● Uncover new techniques that help developers and organizations monitor and protect their code in all repositories, internal and external.
  • ● Heeding the call – enhancing collaboration through automation to help InfoSec/ AppSec and Developer Teams win the fight.