Best Practices for a Successful SASE Deployment

  • Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 1:00PM EDT (21 Jun 2022 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Joel Perkins, IT Systems Engineering, Lookout

Many organizations recently did or are still in the process of adopting a permanent hybrid or remote-first work environment. This can be a long journey to implement cybersecurity that is not tied to physical office spaces. In this webinar, we will dive into some of the challenges, opportunities and best practices to consider for a successful SASE deployment. As part of this, Lookout IT Director, Joel Perkins, will share more about their SASE journey and share best practices that every organization can apply. Join to learn:

  • What to expect when deploying a SASE architecture
  • How a 15-minute evaluation can give you immediate visibility into your most critical cloud apps
  • Three best practices for a successful SASE implementation