2023 Survey Event | DevSecOps

With the exponential growth and agility of development activities, it is imperative that development, security, and operations personnel work collectively to produce the highest quality of service with a strong focus on risk reduction. The 2023 DevSecOps Survey will examine several indicators of secure DevOps maturity retrospectively from the prior years' survey responses. As a part of the survey, we will analyze the accelerated nature of CI/CD enabled by various technologies. We will look at the influence of solutions such as Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), and others have on the security of code developed for rapidly changing cloud environments. We will take a deeper look at the evolution of organizations' architecture, practices, techniques, and personnel.

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SANS 2023 DevSecOps Survey Results

SANS authors Ben Allen and Chris Edmundson share insights and analysis of our 2023 DevSecOps Survey.

Ben Allen SANS Instructor, Author Chris Edmundson SANS Associate Instructor, Author


The Secret Sauce Behind Great DevSecOps (Hint: It Is Not Technology)

In this session, Seemplicity Chief Product Officer Ravid Circus shares theories about why automated application testing grew by 52% in this year’s survey, yet organizations reported that CNAP, CSPM, and various appsec tools became less useful. He’ll discuss how optimizing your remediation operations processes will improve communications and your ability to get the most value out of your security testing tool investments.

Ravid Circus Chief Product Officer, Seemplicity


Strengthening Cloud-native Security: Navigating Zero-trust and DevSecOps Dynamics

In this session, Solo.io CTO and founder of Istio, Louis Ryan, will explore the symbiotic relationship between DevSecOps and the dynamic cloud-native landscape. This presentation will help to equip you with the insights needed to navigate the evolving cloud-native realm with heightened security and confidence.

Louis Ryan CTO, Solo.io


Survey Panel Discussion

Chris and Ben will lead a conversation with Ravid and Louis while answering questions from attendees.




Beyond the Numbers: Practices That Matter for DevSecOps & Software Supply Chain Security

In this talk, Sonatype CTO Ilkka Turunen will provide best practices for identifying and mitigating application security risk without compromising developer productivity, explore the changing DevSecOps environment, share insights into automating testing and compliance with Sonatype, and discuss how to effectively advocate for budget.

Ilkka Turunen Field CTO, Sonatype


The Survey Says… It’s Time to integrate AppSec for Efficient DevSecOps

In this presentation, Synopsys Manager of DevOps Security SolutionsSecurity Steven Zimmerman explores the challenges of mitigating risks within the software you create and the assets you consume through the software supply chain. He will explain how Synopsys can help address security issues at every stage in the SDLC without sacrificing efficiency.

Steven Zimmerman Manager, DevOps Security Solutions, Synopsys


Survey Panel Discussion

Chris and Ben will lead a conversation with Ilkka and Steven while answering questions from attendees.