What Works in Certificate and Key Management: Enabling Secure Digital Business Using Venafis Trust Protection Platform

  • Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018 10:30AM EDT (26 Sep 2018 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: John Pescatore

Encryption of data in motion with SSL and VPNs, as well as encryption of data at rest, can be high value in raising the bar against attacks looking to capture or compromise the integrity sensitive information. However, doing encryption badly can lead to self-inflicted wounds through a false sense of security or disrupting legitimate business when PKI certificates expire or are revoked. Processes and tools to manage encryption keys and certificates are needed to enable secure business and maintaining high service levels.

During this SANS What Works, Troels Oerting, Chief Security Officer at Barclays Bank will provide details of his selection and deployment of'venafi to enable discovery and management of encryption keys and certificates in use across Barclays, supporting more transparent use of encryption, avoiding business disruption from expired certificates and 'demonstrating benefits to increased integrity and availability of critical business processes.

Join SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends John Pescatore and Troels Oerting to hear details on the selection, deployment and experience using Venafi. The webcast will contain a discussion of lessons learned and best practices as well as detail the metrics used to demonstrate the value of improved key and certificate management.