How to do Vulnerability Management for Containers

  • Friday, 26 Oct 2018 1:00PM EDT (26 Oct 2018 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Apurva Dave

Development today is more rapid, dynamic, and distributed, with pressure to build and adapt to change as quickly as possible. Security is often left until later in the cycle, leading to vulnerabilities after going into production. With the rise of containers and continuous development (CI/CD), 'organizations have no choice but to bring application security, compliance, and quality closer to the developer. In this webinar, we will cover practical, reliable steps to ensure your applications are secure before they ever go into production. We'll cover:

  • ' How can I implement image scanning for containers?
  • ' How can I prevent images with known vulnerabilities from entering production?
  • ' What do I do once applications are actually in production? How do I ensure that those applications stay vulnerability-free?