Utilizing Real-Time Analytics for Rapid Threat Detection and Increased Intelligence Capabilities

  • Thursday, 17 Oct 2013 1:00PM EDT (17 Oct 2013 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, John Vecchi

For years organizations large and small have spent Billions building strong perimeters and complex firewall rules to keep the enemy out--deploying more and more security point-products along the way in an effort to stay ahead of the threat. Now, attackers simply slice through these 'robust fortresses' and signature-based tools with a highly targeted phishing attack or advanced Web browser exploit. And, once they are in your network, they stay in. Today's targeted attacks, zero-day threats and advanced malware continue to plague security professionals and evade discovery on a daily basis.

As a result, enterprise security teams are realizing that what used to protect them has stopped working and a 'prevention-alone' model is no longer enough. A modern advanced threat protection strategy--delivering full visibility to enable swift detection and remediation--is the new imperative.

Complete context and content to answer the how, what, why, when and where of any security event or attack is the only way to gain a foothold against today's sophisticated and varied advanced threats. In this webcast, we'll break down how full visibility, security analytics and real-time threat intelligence are being unified to deliver a comprehensive picture of what happened, before, during and after an attack--while enabling faster time-to-action, faster time-to-response and greater ability to reduce, minimize and eliminate impact.