Tech Tuesday Workshop – Reflection in C#

During your infosec career you have probably come across the term “reflection” at one point or another. “reflective dll injection”, “reflective loading”, …

In this workshop led by Jean-François Maes you will learn how to leverage the power of C# and it’s built in reflection capabilities! You will create a loader with basic functionality then keep expanding upon it for multiple iterations. In the end, you will have learned how to create a full-fledged loader that can fetch and load multiple programs, handle unexpected error 404’s and more! Interested? Don’t hesitate to join in!

Prerequisites: Having a bit of coding experience is recommended, however, you do not need specific knowledge of C#. We will go step by step and explain each and every step so it is understandable to everyone.

Prior to the workshop, please download and install Lab 0 with the following instructions:

System Requirements: You will need access to a computer with dotnetframework and visualstudio 2019 installed.

*Please note: Due to the nature of these workshops, many have a capacity limit, so to help us offer this opportunity to as many people as possible, we are asking that you please only register if you plan to attend live.