Successful Infosec Consulting: Lessons from Three Decades in The Field

  • Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019 10:30AM EDT (12 Nov 2019 15:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Ted Demopoulos

It's not hard to start consulting. Plenty of people consult and many of them are very successful short term.

Far fewer are successful for the long term, truly 'live the dream ' for decades, whether this means some combination of high pay, meaningful '& exciting work, and a high level of personal freedom, or something else.

What do consultants that are living their dreams for decades that creates long term success?

Lessons learned are from both Ted Demopoulos ' nearly 30 year consulting career and from many other long term successful consultants and include:

  • - Getting started ' making it easy and low risk
  • - Three surprising client facts
  • - Scaling the consulting business ' something to think about early on
  • - The 'One Thing ' you can do that you already want to do and are very capable of doing that can jump start and propel your consulting career
  • - And much more