Streamlining Your Security Process with Orchestration & Automation

  • Tuesday, 28 May 2019 10:30AM EST (28 May 2019 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: NULL

Ask anyone and you'll hear that most security teams today are facing the same issues: increasing attacks, the expanding security talent shortage, and a seemingly insurmountable volume of data. Security orchestration and automation helps teams improve their security posture and create efficiency 'without sacrificing control of important security and IT processes.

Before your organization looks for a security orchestration and automation solution, a good place to start is defining the pain points your organization needs to solve and making sure your team is prepared for implementation. '

Join Rapid7 experts in our upcoming webcast where we will discuss:

  • How to prepare for a security orchestration and automation solution.
  • What pain points your organization would be able to solve with a SOAR solution. '
  • Common use cases teams are solving with automation, including phishing investigations, malware containment, and threat hunting.
  • How to ensure the fastest time to value from your SOAR solution.