Seven Strategies for CISOs

  • Monday, 06 Apr 2020 12:30PM EST (06 Apr 2020 16:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Richard Bejtlich

When overseeing a security program it's tempting to focus on the firefight of the day. Once in a while security leaders would benefit from assessing the alignment of their team's daily activities with their overall security goals and strategies. Misalignment can lead to the adoption of suboptimal security strategies, not be choice, but by default.

Join us for a presentation by prolific security author Richard Bejtlich to hear him discuss the seven common security strategies he sees across security programs, derived from his time spent as a CISO at Mandiant and director of incident response at a fortune five company.

CISOs and SOC managers will enjoy better understanding their team's activities in the context of their overall strategy and learn how to balance various security strategies for a multilayered approach to reducing risk and defending their organization.

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