Stop Letting Security Fail. Identify the True Problem

  • Wednesday, 14 Aug 2019 1:00PM EDT (14 Aug 2019 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Matt Bromiley, Ian McShane

News headlines could lead us to believe that the problem with cybersecurity is a shortage of skilled professionals. Although many companies could use more staff, the real situation is one of inefficient use of people, processes and technology.

In this new SANS webcast, SANS instructor Matt Bromiley, with Endgame's Ian McShane, will explore the people, process and technology trifecta to identify weak points. From there, they will discuss how to compensate for deficiencies, maximize the resources you have, and prepare for future security threats. The webcast will also help you improve your company's security posture with tips on how to empower your employees and help them grow their skills relative to the sophistication of today's security challenges.

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