Get Smart: Consuming Threat Intelligence to Advance your Cyber Security Program

  • Thursday, 04 Sep 2014 2:00PM EDT (04 Sep 2014 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Harry Sverdlove

The data is clear, organizations today face a growing endpoint security gap. The only question is - How can I evolve my cyber security strategy to stop today and tomorrow's unknown malware and zero-day exploits?

Join SANS analyst, Dave Shackleford, and Harry Sverdlove, chief technology officer for Bit9+Carbon Black for a discussion on why threat intelligence is critically important to a modern cyber security program, the differences between internal and external threat intelligence, why both matter, and how you can adjust your cyber security process to better consumer threat intelligence to improve how you prevent, detect and respond to advanced attacks.

This live webcast will:

  • Explain why having good threat intelligence is critical to a modern security program.
  • Debunk the noise and FUD around threat intelligence in the market.
  • Outline the difference between external and internal threat intelligence and why you need both to succeed.
  • Walk through how you can consume threat intelligence to augment your cyber security position and better prevent, detect and respond to advanced attacks.