SIFT and REMnux: Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

  • Friday, 26 Feb 2016 1:00PM EST (26 Feb 2016 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Rob Lee, Lenny Zeltser

SANS faculty members Lenny Zeltser and Rob Lee maintain two popular Linuxdistributions for digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) work.SIFT Workstation™ is a powerful toolkit for examining forensic artifactsrelated to file system, registry, memory, and network investigations.REMnux ' focuses on malware analysis and reverse-engineering tasks. Thenewly released poster provides a reference to getting started with thesefreely available toolkits, so you can create you're the ultimateforensication machine. This webcast will provide a core intro to both theSIFT Workstation and REMnux -- installation, utilization, and some keytechniques for incident response, forensics, and malware analysis

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