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Sharing Alerts and Threat Intelligence with MISP

  • Wednesday, May 01, 2019 at 3:30 PM EDT (2019-05-01 19:30:00 UTC)
  • Justin Henderson, John Hubbard

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Wouldn't it be great if an organization found a way to detect a new attack or attack methodology -and then was able to share it with the community? The truth is that there are multiple ways to do this, with the MISP project being one of the leaders. MISP allows sharing threat intelligence information in an easy to consume and subscribe fashion. Sharing is caring and the MISP project allows sharing intelligence to anyone or specific organizations.

While intended to sharing threat intelligence information, MISP can be used to share other things as well such as Sigma rules. In the previous webcast in this series, we discuss the Sigma Alert project which allows writing rules in a SIEM neutral format that can be converted to SIEM specific rules. Combine this with MISP sharing and not only do we have rules that work across multiple products but we can share them too!

In this webcast, we will be describing how MISP functions and demonstrating key use cases: sharing threat intelligence, sharing Sigma rules, and integrating MISP with case management solutions.

Speaker Bios

Justin Henderson

Justin Henderson is a certified SANS instructor who authored the SEC555 SIEM with Tactical Analytics course and co-authored SEC455 SIEM Design and Implementation and SEC530 Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering. He is a member of the SANS Cyber Guardian Blue Team who is passionate about making defense fun and engaging. Justin specializes in threat hunting via SIEM, network security monitoring and ad hoc scripting.

John Hubbard

John is a dedicated blue-teamer and is driven to help develop defensive talent around the world. Through his years of experience as the SOC Lead for GlaxoSmithKline, he has real-world, first-hand knowledge of what it takes to defend an organization against advanced cyber-attacks and is eager to share these lessons with his students. As a SANS Cyber Defense curriculum instructor and course author of SEC455, John specializes in threat hunting, network security monitoring, SIEM design and optimization, and constructing defensive postures that allow organizations to protect their most sensitive data. Throughout class, he works with students to explain difficult concepts in relatable and clear language, illustrates important ideas with stories and demonstrations, and encourages students to push themselves beyond the limit of what they thought possible.

John holds an undergrad degree is in Electrical Engineering from Purdue and a masters degree in Computer Engineering, focusing on information security, from SUNY Binghamton. His past research spans from malware reverse-engineering to car hacking, mobile app security, and IoT devices. In his free time, John enjoys catching every infosec conference he can attend, FPV drone racing, coffee roasting, and slowly turning his home into a data center. He can be found on LinkedIn and on Twitter @SecHubb.

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