Security Visibility in the Enterprise: SOC, SIEM, Managed Security and Visibility - A Master\\'s Degree Presentation

  • Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018 3:30PM EST (28 Feb 2018 20:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: James Hendrick

Many organization's security programs include the use of a Managed Security Services Provider (an MSSP) but is it giving you the information you need or simply providing a \green checkmark" for your auditors? There are reasons why you may choose an MSSP, and also why you may choose to build those services in-house. Things you should consider as you think about what this might mean for your own organization include:

- - 'How do you define Security Visibility? What does it mean to you?

- - What are the advantages of running your own SOC and SIEM?

- - Is compliance good enough? Is it your friend?

- - Are you ready for changes in technology? Organization?

- - How can you measure the change and use that to improve?

In this presentation, you will hear the experiences of a large organization that did this and how it has been working for them several years after the transition.