Scale Up Threat Detection, Scale Down False Positives in the Cloud

  • Monday, 11 Oct 2021 1:00PM EDT (11 Oct 2021 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Eric Johnson, Daniella Pontes, Sysdig

The cloud vendors offer hundreds of cloud services your team may be using. How can you identify threats across these services without drowning in a sea of alerts?

Visibility across all services is a first step, combined with a highly tuned detection engine. A small number of attack patterns are present in most breaches. For example, lateral movement is estimated to be present in 70% of cyberattacks. Cloud native intrusion detection provides a unified view across containers and clouds that allows these attack patterns to be flagged for investigation.

  • Understand the top threats targeting cloud services
  • Learn how security frameworks like MITRE streamline detection and response
  • Hear how to detect threats in serverless environments