Safety Systems Shutdown by Malware - Hype and Reality

  • Thursday, 27 Sep 2018 3:30PM EDT (27 Sep 2018 19:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Weinstein, Pat Barry

Industrial safety systems monitor control processes in the plant and when unsafe conditions occur, theyre designed to protect personnel, equipment and the environment through an automated shutdown if required. In a watershed cyber-physical event on a chemical plant, attackers were able to remotely deploy malware designed to take control of industrial safety systems and did in fact cause a shutdown in the plant.

The malware is called HATMAN or TRITON and is the first publicly identified ICS attack framework specifically targeted at safety systems. Though built to specifically interact with Triconex Safety Instrumented System (SIS) controllers, the malware is now publicly available and researchers anticipate that with time and skill, other systems and industries will be targeted.

Join us for a balanced, vendor-neutral business discussion of how this new malware development on the ICS threat landscape played out and could play out across different industries. Industrial safety systems expert 'Patrick Barry 'and threat research experts Dave Weinstein will explore the cyber-physical implications of how this and other threats can impact industrial businesses and what they should do to prepare and defend.