The Role of AI in Cybersecurity and Auditing

  • Wednesday, 01 Nov 2017 10:30AM EDT (01 Nov 2017 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Muzamil Riffat

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are rapidly applied in many industries. The digital assistants, mainly managed through different mobile applications (\apps"), are increasingly integrated in our personal and professional lives. There are clear indications that the world around us will change completely in the near future as robotics are increasingly employed in the decision making process. It is predicted that human intervention will be reduced to providing over-sight only. With the advent of technology, there are many mundane tasks such as logs review that can take up precious time of cybersecurity professionals. Burn out and fatigue are constant threats for cybersecurity professionals who are faced with an endless onslaught of attacks and threats. Furthermore, humans alone simply do not have the capability or capacity to prevent, detect, or react to "Advance Persistent Threats" or other similar security events. AI presents a possibility and promise to not only analyze historical data efficiently but also to detect patterns in order to prevent adverse events. The presentation will explore risks and rewards of using AI in managing cybersecurity as well as how AI can be utilized during the auditing process.