Retail Security: PCI DSS and Third Party Interactions

  • Wednesday, 09 Sep 2015 1:00PM EDT (09 Sep 2015 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dr. Eric Cole, Jeff Man

With a broad array of third-party business relationships, retailers have a complex and especially vulnerable network topology that's a juicy target for cyberattack. This webcast will look at how retailers can discover and identify third parties and minimize their risk and exposure.

By participating in this webinar, you will gain insight into the following topics:

  • Identifying and controlling the security risks associated with third parties
  • Steps retailers can take to protect data and systems
  • Determining who is responsible for risk management ' the retailer or the third party
  • What retailers need to know about third parties and PCI-DSS 3.1

Supply chain partners, HVAC vendors, financial services firms, affiliated businesses, and a host of other service providers - to optimize their operations many retailers rely on a growing array of third-parties. Join Eric Cole and Jeff Man at 1 PM EDT to gain insight into the security challenges posed by these third parties, and the steps you can take to reduce your exposure and risk of cyberattack.

View the associated whitepaper here.