Reduce SOC & IR Analyst Fatigue with Automation

Security operations today are plagued with too many alerts and a lot of noise. This continues to be a challenge, despite repeated attempts with various technological solutions to solve the ongoing resource issues facing the security industry.

Intezer is approaching these challenges through Autonomous Security Operations, based on analyzing threats and identifying data that is being reused. By integrating with other security tools (such as EDR, SIEM, or SOAR), Intezer's unique genetic code analysis provides information that can support the analysts' decision-making process, by automating alert triage, extracting data for incident response, and identifying effective artifacts for detection rules and threat hunting.

Things you will learn:

  • Effectively eliminate false positives triggered by EDR or other detection systems
  • Improve Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) with automated extraction of IoCs and detection rules
  • Detect threat mutations and variants over time by identifying any reused code or techniques.