No Python Allowed: learning a whole new language to sell the Critical Security Controls

  • Thursday, 09 Jun 2016 8:00PM EDT (10 Jun 2016 00:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Paul Hershberger

The success of a Critical Security Controls (CSCs) implementation is dependent on access to resources, including the people, processes and technology required to implement, operate and continuously improve the CSCs. Gaining access to those resources begins with the support of executive leadership. Obtaining that support requires communicating the plan in a way that executive leadership can connect with and quickly understand. It is necessary to shift from communication of the technical details to a business conversation which bridges the gap between the two corporate functions. Learning how to effectively communicate with executive leadership requires stepping away from the keyboard and learning how to speak a new language; one that will resonate with the audience instrumental to the success of the CSCs implementation.