Prevent-DETECT-Response - How to Win at Security Part 2 - Timely Detection Tips and Tricks from SEC401

  • Thursday, 26 Oct 2017 3:30PM EDT (26 Oct 2017 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dr. Eric Cole

Organizations often spend a lot of money on security but still fail to properly detect attacks. The reason is organizations often focus on doing good things but not focused on the right things that really matter.'the newly updated and rewritten Security Essentials: SEC 401, shows you how to win by having a proper approach to Detection. With advanced threats, no organization will be able to prevent all attacks, therefore detection is critical but often not implemented correctly by organizations.'the old problem was that organizations were not performing proper monitoring and not having the visibility needed to do timely detection. 'While this is still true in some cases, most organizations have gone to the other extreme, where they are generating way to much information and the critical alerts get buried in the noise. 'In some large scale breaches, organizations security devices properly detected the attacks, but the analysts failed to respond and take action. For detection to be successful, any detective device must have 24/7 monitoring and timely response. Without these two key elements, detection has minimal value. Learn from cyber security expert and SEC401 course author, Dr. Eric Cole, on how to design, implement, verify and validate a proper approach to detection.'learn how to use metrics to proper measure, assess and improve your overall defensive approach to security. 'No matter your experience or background, this webcast will not only show you how to properly perform detection, but also how SEC401 can help improve your skills and take your career to the next level. In this webcast you will learn:

  • How to proper design and implement effective defensive measures
  • Balancing false positive and false negatives
  • The key metrics for implementing effective defensive solutions
  • Removing the noise to focus in on what really matters