Best Practices for Reducing Your Attack Surface: 5 Steps to Shrinking Your Window of Vulnerability

  • Thursday, 16 Apr 2015 1:00PM EDT (16 Apr 2015 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Michael Bruchanski

Just as one massive breach fades from the headlines, it seems another one jumps to take its place. Sony. Target. Anthem. Now more than ever, it's critical for organizations to find ways to shrink their attack surface and get risk levels under control. But with ever-increasing network endpoints, a patchwork of security management resources, and thousands of vulnerabilities, that may feel impossible.

Learn how to make the attack surface visible and get the intelligence you need to eliminate attack vectors, with an automated, consistent security management process using these five best practices:

  • Enhanced network and endpoint visibility
  • Attack simulation to flag risks to critical assets
  • Same-day impact analysis for new vulnerabilities and threats
  • Systematic closure of network device security gaps
  • Risk assessment of planned changes