Power up your Security Operations Centers human capital with the new SEC450 Part 2 - Blue Team FundamentalsFinding and training the right people!

  • Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019 11:00PM EST (17 Oct 2019 03:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: John Hubbard

Note: This webcast is free of charge however a SANS portal account is required (see webcast link for details)

SANS Asia-Pacific Webcast Series- Power up your Security Operations Center's human capital with the new SEC450 Part 2 - Blue Team Fundamentals 'Finding and training the right people!

As cyber attacks continue to grow in prevalence and capability many organizations and MSSPs are looking to bolster their cyber defense capabilities. While technology is an outstanding security enabler, it's finding the right people and training that can make or break a team. If you have a need to quickly bring new defenders up to speed, this webcast and class is for you! In it, we will cover both technical topics and human factors for cyber defense. Specifically, how to avoid the burnout and retention issues commonly associated with SOC positions and how to cultivate a happy, engaged analyst team! Cyber defense is not easy, therefore building a strong foundation of security operations principles is an absolute requirement for any blue team. Authored by a previous SOC analyst and manager, SEC450 Blue Team Fundamentals was written with this goal in mind. It's designed to answer the question \What are the most important things for a cyber defense team to understand, and how do you implement them?" Come join SEC450 author John Hubbard for this webinar to learn additional details about this course and the new content it brings to the SANS curriculum!