Cyber42 Game Day: Security Operations Centers

This version of Cyber42 is a unique scenario separate but similar in goals to the one presented in MGT551: Building and Leading Security Operations Centers. The goal is to make key decisions that will affect the people, process, and technology aspects of your security team, all while balancing available resources (budget and time) and optimizing results.

Topic: This simulation will focus on the decisions required to build out and operate a security operations center. Each round will present students with a decisions that must be made that will affect the budget and time allotted in both expected and unexpected ways, and test your ability to balance needs while maintaining a happy, functional SOC team. Your goal will be to build out the best SOC in terms of prevention, detection, response, and team morale, while not running out of time or money.

Who should attend:

  • SOC Analysts
  • Incident Responders
  • SOC Architects and Engineers
  • SOC Managers/Directors
  • Anyone interested trying out making tough security operations decisions

Learn more about Cyber42 here.