Next-Generation Third-Party Risk Management: Aligning Cybersecurity & Third-Party Risk

Each day organizations face new threats that jeopardize their critical networks. Gaining visibility into the security risks your supply chain or third-party vendors pose to your organization is a growing priority among cybersecurity leaders. Next-generation cybersecurity practices will require organizations to align both internal and external cybersecurity risk processes to create a standardized process to facilitate effective third-party cyber risk mitigation.

Join us for a one-hour session as we explore the intersection of third-party risk management and internal cybersecurity practices. We’ll review new strategies and outline the steps to mature your program.

You will learn how to:

∙ Map external third-party risk to internal cybersecurity controls

∙ Evaluate control effectiveness against both internal and external risks

∙ Prioritize cyber/third-party risk projects based on control gaps and domain inefficiencies

∙ Build a united cybersecurity program that protects against internal and external threats