Multi-path TCP: Practical Approaches for Securing your Enterprise Network - A Masters Degree Candidate Webcast

  • Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018 3:30PM EST (24 Jan 2018 20:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Josh Lewis

Multi-path TCP (MPTCP) is an emerging IETF standard for providing connection resilience and bandwidth aggregation. MPTCP evolves the existing TCP protocol by allowing multiple TCP flows for a TCP session. This provides exciting new possibilities for mobile devices that can maintain TCP sessions as connection paths are added or dropped, and multi-homed servers that allow TCP sessions to take advantage of a mesh topology. However, current network security monitoring infrastructure solutions cannot appropriately inspect MPTCP connections, leaving significant intrusion detection and data loss blind spots. This talk will introduce the protocol, discuss the current state of implementation, and provide practical approaches to secure your enterprise environment.