Mobile Evidence in Modern E-Discovery: Risks, Techniques and Opportunities

  • Tuesday, 26 Feb 2013 1:00PM EST (26 Feb 2013 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Paul A. Henry, Ben Wright, Yuval Ben-Moshe
Data stored on mobile devices such as phones and tablets is becoming increasingly important to the resolution of disputes, lawsuits and all kinds of investigations. Records such as images, text messages, chat transcripts and travel routes - along with logs and meta data about those records - are becoming critical to audits, civil lawsuits, criminal prosecutions and internal investigations. Communications such as text messages, chat transcripts, and instant messages - along with the records of those communications, including call logs and metadata - are increasingly considered to be responsive ESI during litigation. In this webinar, SANS instructors Benjamin Wright and Paul Henry provide leading legal cases involving mobile evidence, and key legal issues -- along with possible solutions -- that apply to mobile evidence relevant to a lawyer, a tax auditor, a police officer, an HR investigator, an e-discovery professional or a government regulatory authority. Other topics will include: -- Using audits to identify key custodians and image responsive mobile data before you ever end up in litigation.-- Setting, and enforcing, BYOD policies that will let you collect responsive data from personal devices.-- The mobile ESI preservation and collection process, from identifying the custodians to analyzing the collected device images.-- Chain of custody and proper documentation of mobile ESI--and how to include this documentation together with your other e-discovery efforts.-- Communicating with information technology staff and your digital forensics contractors throughout the e-discovery process.

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