Maximizing Security Value Through External Attack Surface Management

It seems that a new major data breach is announced every day. Many outside the information security industry struggle to understand why we can't simply secure the systems protecting our critical data. But those inside the industry know the security struggle is all too real. Between failures and change management, shadow IT, proliferation of cloud technologies, and newly announced vulnerabilities, the attack surface of every organization is constantly changing. And yet most organizations continue to rely solely on point-in-time security assessment solutions to address the issue.

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is an unfamiliar technology to many organizations, but it shouldn't be. In this webcast, we'll discuss the case for EASM and how it can take an organization from auditing its attack surface to actually managing and protecting it. We'll discuss case studies showing how EASM provides significant value and offer recommendations for how to get started with your own EASM deployment.