Master the Game of Who: Leveraging Network Intelligence and User Activity to Combat Insider Threats

  • Thursday, 08 Oct 2015 11:00AM EDT (08 Oct 2015 15:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dr. Eric Cole, Vince Berk, Mike Tierney

Many organizations focus on keeping bad guys out. But, as the breaches that continue to dominate headlines demonstrate, there's bad behavior - both unintentional and intentional - happening within your borders as well. Whether a breach is caused by carelessness, mischief or major fraud, it's going to cost you.

However, you can master the Game of \Who" once you have the right kind of visibility into all corners of your network, along with the necessary players and tools in place.

Once you've been breached, speed matters. And an intelligent strategy for protecting against insider threats gets you to "whodunit" - as well as what's happening, how it's happening, where it's happening and how to stop it - faster.

Join Dr. Eric Cole as he leads a frank discussion with security experts Vince Berk and Mike Tierney about common inside threat scenarios, the phases of a malicious attack and how a combination of network behavior intelligence and user activity intelligence can give you the power to quickly detect, mitigate and defend against all types of insider attacks.