LIVE from THIR Summit in New Orleans: The Most Dangerous Game; Evolving Threat Hunting to Keep Up with Skilled Adversaries

  • Tuesday, 12 Apr 2016 1:15PM EDT (12 Apr 2016 17:15 UTC)
  • Speaker: NULL

Join us for this Lunch & Learn presentation LIVE from the Threat Hunting and Incident Response Summit in New Orleans.

The focus of cybersecurity is often on stopping malware, but advanced threats are orchestrated by skilled operators. Rather than pit technology solutions against malicious code, the modern defense requires security teams to evolve a hunting function, pitting human beings against other human beings that are hiding in their environment. Our speakers share insight into what skills and tools you need to hunt effectively, how the security team can unite to collectively defend against bad actors and share insight into the returns your team will get from honing the craft of threat hunting.