Live from the Security Operations Summit: Rethinking the SOC for Long-Term Success & 2019 SANS SOC Survey Preview

  • Monday, 24 Jun 2019 4:00PM EST (24 Jun 2019 20:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Chris Crowley, John Hubbard


Virtuous Cycles: Rethinking the SOC for Long-Term Success

Many Security Operations Centers (SOCs) have a burnout problem that leads to negativity and constant turnover. With the increasing cybersecurity talent shortage, keeping the people we have will only become increasingly important. The problem is that "Tier 1" and other SOC roles seem destined to burn people out. So what do we do? While the field of psychology understands the factors that cause burnout, many SOCs do not take the time to do the research and create an environment to fight it. Through meticulously defined process and tiering may be the norm, does it lead to sacrificing quality in the long term? Using science-backed research on intrinsic motivation and studies on SOC burnout factors, this talk will make the case that it's time to reconsider how we structure SOCs in order to create long-term success that benefits both the individual and the organization.

John Hubbard, Author and Certified Instructor, SANS Institute

2019 SANS SOC Survey Preview: Live Simulcast

The 2019 SANS SOC Survey will be released in early July. Join Chris Crowley live or via simulcast for a discussion of what's new in this year's survey, and a sneak peek into topics and responses from this year's results. He will talk about the detailed interviews included this year, and highlight the methodology used to develop the results that many organizations use to direct SOC activities for the following year.

If you can't attend the 2019 SANS Security Operations Summit in New Orleans, attend the simulcast!

Chris Crowley, Summit Chair and Principal Instructor, SANS Institute