IP Theft: Collecting Artifact Evidence from the Cloud and Mobile

  • Tuesday, 25 Mar 2014 1:00PM EDT (25 Mar 2014 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Heather Mahalik, Jad Saliba, Jamie McQuaid

Every organization has valuable information that they want to protect. Preventing that information from walking out the front door has become increasingly difficult with mobile devices and cloud based storage solutions. DLP and prevention based tools are helpful but they will never eliminate all exit points in an organization. There will always be a need to investigate those circumstances when prevention fails.

When investigating an intellectual property (IP) theft case, a strong understanding of how IP data can be stolen is essential-without that knowledge, how do you know if you are finding all possible evidence? The number of applications for mobile devices and PCs is growing by the minute and it is impossible for an examiner to keep up with all the potential artifacts.

Employees are the main source of IP theft for most organizations. This webinar will walk you through an IP theft case study, investigating many of the common methods and artifacts that an internal employee might use to steal valuable data from your organization, including mobile devices and cloud storage artifacts.

Join Heather Mahalik from SANS who will discuss the challenges of investigating an IP theft case with the emergence of BYOD and cloud storage providers in the enterprise space, followed by Jad Saliba and Jamie McQuaid of Magnet Forensics who will present a case study to demonstrate the tactics and tools used to collect mobile and cloud storage evidence as it relates to IP theft using Internet Evidence Finder (IEF).