Internet Email: Insecure by Design and Building your Malware Analysis Home Lab for learning and fun

  • Thursday, 20 Feb 2020 5:30AM EST (20 Feb 2020 10:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Robbie Honerkamp, Andre Shori, Yee Ching Tok, Delaney Ng, Kevin Hraybi


Internet Email: Insecure by Design

Email isn't a cool and trendy new application, its something that's been around for decades and is often taken for granted. In fact, there have been very few advancements in email security compared to web application security in the last decade. Yet many security-related incidents start with an email, from fraudulent money transfer or access requests to malware-ridden attachments. In this talk, well review the history and basics of Internet email service, how to dig into the path an email takes from sender to receiver, and look at several potential ways to secure your corporate email system (and the limitations of each).


Building your Malware Analysis Home Lab for learning and fun:

Over the years, threat actors are increasingly using more complex techniques to obscure how their malware operates. Keeping up with the changing trends might be difficult, however, you don't need 15 years of experience in reverse engineering to help you win this battle. One great way to learn about malware is to build your own home lab and play with real samples within this environment. This can be a fun and educational project. If you do happen to be an InfoSec analyst, doing digital forensics or incident response, the knowledge you harvest through building and running a malware analysis Lab at work/home just might help you do your job more effectively.