Insider Threats and the Real Financial Impact to Organizations - A SANS Survey

  • Wednesday, 29 Apr 2015 2:00PM EDT (29 Apr 2015 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dr. Eric Cole, Mike Tierney

Beyond traditional or typical statistics on insider threats lies another issue of vital interest to enterprises: how to prepare for, avoid and mitigate such threats. Enterprises need to know how to determine the depth of breaches after they happen; being able to provide timelines, proof and a clear picture of how much data was lost or compromised can mitigate the worst of damage, but without such data, organizations should expect to report worst-case events with maximum data loss.

This SANS survey looks closely at the troubling problem of insider threats to enterprise security. Although studies show that just 10 percent of employees account for 95 percent of incidents, the impact can be significant compromise of personal information, loss of intellectual property or reputation, and compliance or legal ramifications are all at stake. This survey will establish a baseline for measuring the severity of insider threats, how much enterprises know about various threats and the actual attackers and discuss means of inhibiting or preventing such attacks.

Join this webcast, featuring SANS author and instructor Dr. Eric Cole, to learn more about the survey, including:

  • Which vertical markets are more, or less, prepared for insider threats.
  • What kind of tools participants use to prevent insider breaches.
  • How companies are dealing with negligent insiders and how they remediate change.
  • Why companies are not prepared.

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