Insider Threat - The Enemy Within

  • Wednesday, 22 Apr 2015 3:00PM EDT (22 Apr 2015 19:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dr. Eric Cole

Insider threat is a term that many people are familiar with. The problem is that when people hear this term they immediately think of malicious, evil insiders that are deliberately causing harm to an organization. While the \malicious" insider will always be a concern, that is not the primary area of damage for most organizations today. The main point of compromise for many attacks today is the "accidental" insider. The accidental insider is someone who honestly and earnestly believes they are doing their job but are tricked or manipulated into allowing someone to cause harm to the organization. In this webcast cyber security visionary Dr. Eric Cole, will explain how adversaries compromise the insider and most importantly what can be done to protect against. Actionable solutions such as controlling harmful applications, filtering bad content, limiting executable content and controlling executables will be covered. During this engaging webcast attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the insider threat and actionable steps that can be taken to protect against it.