Game Day Cyber42: CISO For A Day

  • Tuesday, 27 Apr 2021 10:30AM EDT (27 Apr 2021 14:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Joe Sullivan, Chris Denney

In this Game Day42: CISO For A Day, players work for a fictional company building and leading its security program. The goal is to align security capabilities to strategic objectives in order to ensure the security program is helping to meet business goals. in this 90-minute game day you will play individually yet have open communication with other players and SANS staff through a Slack channel to promote discussion and support, as needed. During the game, as adapted for the topics in MGT514: Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership, you will see that the actions you choose can have uncertain outcomes and even unintended consequences! This interactive simulation puts you in a real-world scenarios that spur discussion, critical thinking of situations, and melding of different points of view and personalities that you will likely encounter at work.

Step into the role of a CISO and experience what it's like to be responsible for security budgets, programs, and outcomes. In this simulation, you will be faced with how best to implement strategic security initiatives that align security with the goals of an organization. You will experience what it's like to lead security teams, manage expectations, implement technical and administrative controls to enable the organization to conduct business securely.

Winning the game is simple. You need to have the highest score, which represents how well you adapted and implemented your security program. It's not just about implementing security controls, it's about changing behaviors and culture to create lasting improvements.

the Cyber42 game was originally developed for MGT512: Security Leadership Essentials for Managers and is now part of four SANS Cybersecurity Management courses. Free Cyber42 Game Days are offered monthly to the entire community. Review the 2021 schedule here.


  1. WEBCAST - will be accessed via your SANS portal account
  2. SLACK - will be used to interact with other players, leaders, and SANS staff for support - set up instructions provided in Pre-Event Prep email and on the webcast
  3. Cyber42 Web App online game link will be provided at the game Day for attendees