FIND, FOCUS, and FIX the Cloud Threats that Matter Solutions Forum

  • Tuesday, 14 Jun 2022 2:00PM EDT (14 Jun 2022 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Jake Williams, Knox Anderson, Sysdig, Jim Armstrong, Snyk, Anna Belak, Sysdig, Sam Brown, Expel, Eric Carter, Sysdig, John T. Forman, Accenture, Mike Isbitski, Sysdig, Patrick McDowell, AWS, Janet Matsuda, Sysdig, Pawan Shankar, Sysdig

FIND, FOCUS, and FIX the Cloud Threats that Matter
Accenture, AWS, Expel, Snyk, and Sysdig Join SANS to Share Insights

As you move to the cloud, your security teams often feel a loss of control in this new world. Traditional tools and processes don’t work and visibility is fragmented, even more so across multi-cloud infrastructure. How do you identify and prioritize the “real” risks in the cloud? Getting security right starts with a first principles approach to finding, focusing and fixing risks across cloud and containers. Join Sysdig, who’s driving the standard for cloud and container security, alongside other industry experts, customers and partners - for an insightful exchange of cloud security best practices, tips and recommendations. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How innovative organizations eliminate blind spots and prioritize what matters
  • The benefits of leveraging Falco as the open standard for runtime threat detection and cloud security monitoring
  • Key considerations when implementing cloud security from source to run


As an added bonus, two lucky registrants will be chosen as the recipients of a SANS Cloud Security Course valued at $7400 each!! *** All event registrants will be entered in a drawing for a complementary SANS Cloud Course of your choice sponsored by Sysdig.*** (Travel & hotel expenses not included).

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    Agenda | June 14, 2022 | 2:00 - 4:00 PM EDT



    2:00 PM

    Welcome & Opening Remarks

    Jake Williams, SANS Instructor & Subject Matter Expert

    2:05 PM

    Detecting suspicious Activity on AWS Using Cloud Logs

    Cloud security monitoring is critical to identifying risky behavior within your cloud environment. AWS CloudTrail systematically records actions within your cloud environment to help you keep track. If someone creates a user, changes permissions, or provisions a new service, it is captured in these cloud logs. As your use of cloud services grows, how can you continuously monitor cloud activity and understand risk? 

     In this lightning talk, we will discuss: 

    •  Why a new approach is needed for securing cloud infrastructure 
    • How to get started with cloud threat detection using Sysdig Secure

    Mike IsbitskiDirector of Cybersecurity Strategy, Sysdig
    Patrick McDowell, Sr. Security Solutions Architect, AWS

    2:20 PM

    DEMO: Cloud Detection and Response with Sysdig Secure

    In this five minute demo, we will demonstrate how to detect and respond to threats across multi-cloud using cloud audit logs.

    Pawan Shankar, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig

    2:25 PM

    Enabling Security Teams to Protect Containers and Kubernetes

    Security teams need to be adapt as their organizations shift application development to containers and Kubernetes. Traditional tools can't handle the dynamic nature of the cloud, leaving teams blind to risk. 

     In this session, Accenture and Sysdig will discuss how to solve the biggest security challenges of running cloud-native workloads. We will discuss: 

    • Best practices for architecting security for containers 
    • Examples of organizations successfully adopting a secure DevOps workflow

    Anna Belak, Director of Thought Leadership, Sysdig

    2:40 PM

    DEMO: Container Detection and Response with Sysdig Secure

    We will demonstrate how to detect and respond to runtime threats across containers and Kubernetes in 5 minutes.

    Pawan Shankar, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig

    2:45 PM

    Prioritize Vulnerabilities Using Runtime Intelligence

    Did you know that up to 95% of vulnerabilities alerts are just noise? Developers are scrolling through thousands of vulnerability spreadsheets to prioritize what matters. The key is to focus on the ones actually exposed at runtime. 

     Join this lightning talk to learn: 

    • How to shrink the vulnerability list 
    • Ways to speed remediation by giving devs a package-centric view of vulnerabilities
    • How Sysdig partnered with Snyk to make better shift left decisions using runtime intelligence

    Eric Carter, Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig

    3:00 PM

    DEMO: Prioritized vulnerability management with Sysdig and Snyk

    In this five minute demo, see how Sysdig and Snyk automatically prioritize vulnerabilities and reduce noise by up to 95%.

    Pawan Shankar, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig

    3:10 PM

    Fireside Chat: Securing the DevSecOps Pipeline with Shift Left + Runtime Security

    An effective security strategy requires a secure DevOps solution that can bridge the gap between security practitioners’ context in runtime, and an engineering team’s code in development.

    Developers and security teams need tools to help them easily find and fix open source and container vulnerabilities in development, then analyze running workloads in production to identify vulnerable packages executed at runtime. This secures apps as they are built and protects workloads in runtime.

    In this session, experts from Expel, Snyk and Sysdig will discuss how to:

    • Detect and fix vulnerable open source dependencies during the code/build phase
    • Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in container packages used at runtime to eliminate noise
    • Automate threat detection and alerting across containers and Kubernetes

    Knox Anderson, Vice President of Product Management, Sysdig
    Jim Armstrong
    , Sr. Director Product Marketing, Snyk
    Sam Brown
    , Manager of Product Security, Expel

    3:55 PM

    Closing Remarks

    Jake Williams, SANS Instructor & Subject Matter Expert