Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Email Security Platform

Email is both a necessary communication medium, and the most vulnerable area for an attack. Year after year, adversaries find success in abusing email to gain a foothold into an organization—deploying malware, leaking valuable data, or stealing millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, email threats are only growing in number. Business email compromise accounts for 44% of all losses to cybercrime, and the 2021 Verizon DBIR holds that phishing remains the top entry point for breaches—a position it has held for years.

Does that mean email is doomed, and we should give up? Quite the opposite—instead, we should look to newer technologies and an integrated security strategy that provides a modernized approach to email defense. In this webinar, we do just that.

Join us for the webinar for answers to your most pressing questions, including:
  • What are modern email threats, and how are they different from legacy attacks?
  • Which email threats are most concerning, and how can we defend against them?
  • Which technical capabilities are required from modern email security providers?
  • How do modern email security companies use AI, machine learning and data science to detect the most dangerous and costly attacks?

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