Easing Into Consulting; Consulting on The Side & Other Approaches

  • Friday, 20 Sep 2019 10:30AM EDT (20 Sep 2019 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Ted Demopoulos

Many people want to consultant so they can choose their work, have more freedom, and have more opportunities to make great money. Yet many never start or start late.

My friend Calvin started consulting 30 years after he planned to; in his retirement. He wishes he had started earlier. I know many others who have been planning, perhaps wishing or dreaming are better descriptions, to start for years without any progress on achieving their wishes and dreams!

Infosec consulting is a 16 billion dollar industry and growing & there are lots of opportunities.

You do NOT need to dive in by immediately quitting your job; there are other approaches. There are simple concrete things you can do to create great opportunities in consulting and to be ready when they happen while fully employed! You can take significant 'baby steps. '

One approach is to make yourself look like the great and hirable person you are to potential clients and look for a large consulting gig before you jump.

Another approach is to consult on the side in addition to your regular job. This can be straightforward or complex, and in a surprising number of jobs it is not only possible, but sometimes your employer may actually encourage it. Other times your employer may be more restrictive yet there are often still plenty of opportunities.

In this Webcast we will look at options for moving into consulting while minimizing the risk of immediately jumping in. Plenty of case studies of people like you who have been there and are consulting today are included!