DevSecOps Success: What’s Team Metrics Got to Do with It?

Expanding on some of the key findings of the SANS DevSecOps Survey, this webcast will provide example metrics that leadership can use to gauge DevSecOps maturity.

Join SANS instructor Kenneth G. Hartman and Veracode’s Product Security Director Ryan O’Boyle as they discuss the role of DevSecOps metrics in determining effective objectives and key results (OKRs) and making data-driven decisions. The webcast will cover how to:

  • Devise metrics that focus the DevSecOps team’s efforts on the biggest impacts
  • Maximize team member buy-in
  • Minimize unintended consequences

They will discuss example metrics related to SAST and DAST scanning and code provenance and demonstrate how to calculate these metrics as a natural part of the DevSecOps workflow.

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