How to Detect and Respond to Specific Advanced Threats: Essential Use Cases with RSA Security Analytics

  • Wednesday, 02 Dec 2015 1:00PM EST (02 Dec 2015 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Robert M. Lee, Travis Dye

Cyber-attacks target weak links, and continue to bypass traditional security tools such as log-only SIEM systems. To proactively detect threats before they can do damage, you need full visibility across logs, network, endpoint and cloud. Powerful tools such as RSA Security Analytics and RSA ECAT provide this visibility and become force multipliers for empowered analysts, but when resources are limited it's essential to bring focus to the use cases most relevant to your business.

This session will demonstrate examples of advanced threats and illustrate how RSA Advanced SOC tools help organizations effectively detect and respond. Learn how to:

  • Think like an adversary and outsmart the tools, tactics and procedures they use to exploit organizations
  • Witness best practices for detecting and responding to specific advanced threats with RSA Security Analytics and RSA ECAT
  • Gain full visibility into what's happening on your network and understand the true nature and impact of threats