Detect & Prevent Data Exfiltration: A Unique Approach with Infoblox

  • Thursday, 17 Aug 2017 1:00PM EDT (17 Aug 2017 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Andrew Hay, Sam Kumarsamy

Data is the new currency in the modern digital enterprise and protecting data is a strategic imperative for every organization. Enterprises must protect data whether it resides in a data center, an individual's laptop that is used on premise or off premise and across the global distributed enterprise. Effective data exfiltration prevention requires protecting DNS, the most commonly used channels to steal data and combining reputation, signatures and behavioral analytics. The detection and prevention of loss of data requires analysis of vast amounts of network data and require a solution that can scale to examine this data. 'In this webinar You will also learn about the Infoblox's unique approach to detecting and preventing data exfiltration.