Why Defense, Why Now?

  • Thursday, 30 May 2013 1:00PM EDT (30 May 2013 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dr. Eric Cole
High profile breaches capture our attention, and worse, the total number of breaches, especially at small and medium size organizations, has increased significantly over the past 12 months. Even worse, security breaches persist undetected for a longer period of time now than they did only three years ago. And the worse news is that well over half of these breaches are discovered by those outside the breached organization! Failure to detect breaches early is costly and disrupts normal business processes, damaging the organization's reputation. Eric Cole discusses why all these glum trends provide a great opportunity for security professionals right now to renew focus on cyber defense. Dr. Cole will show how SANS Cyber Security Foundation curriculum will teach you the essential skills required to detect and defend your organization against cyber attacks, improve its overall security posture, and improve your career opportunities.