Deception Matters: Slowing the Adversary with illusive networks

  • Tuesday, 02 May 2017 1:00PM EDT (02 May 2017 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Eric Cole, Chad Gasaway

Deception is an effective defense against targeted attacks, leveraging the power of false or misleading information to thwart adversaries. By creating a false map of cyber assets, adversaries are misdirected from their real targets without their knowledge and stumble into a cyber rabbit hole.

Instead of breaking into real systems, adversaries are breaking into fake systems with fake libraries and DNS servers, counteracting an attacker's every move. This slows them down enough for detection systems to kick in and take action. In this way, deception boosts the odds of finding an adversary early and mitigating overall damage.

In this webcast, SANS Fellow Dr. Eric Cole recounts his review of illusive networks' deception and protection capabilities to show cyber deception in action. Register now to learn how illusive networks' tools and services can aid early detection and response, as well as hide the deceptive actions from the enemy. You'll also learn how:

  • illusive network's Deceptions Everywhere enables you to attract adversaries to an \alternate reality" of your network, making detection faster and more accurate
  • illusive network's Attacker View masks your real network map from the attackers so they don't know they're being fooled
  • illusive network's real-time forensics collect information at the moment of an attack, and provide actionable reports to contain the attack

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